This Grandfather Returned to Pakistan after 70 years

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Grand Father Returned To His Childhood Home After 70 Years!!

Its been 70 years since the partition. But the stories are still fresh and heart wrenching. This Grandfather, Krishan Kumar Khana reurned to his childhood home after 7 decades. He was in 20’s when his family migrated to India after riots started on both sides of the border.

Grandfather returned

He use to live in Sheikhupura, The Rice city of Punjab, Pakistan. But returning your childhood home after 70 years is almost living your dream. Krishan Kumar Khana is now 92 years old and it was his dream to see Lahore. He witnessed all the violence and bloodshed at that time and further Stated,

“Some girls jumped into the wells and killed themselves to save their honor”

Mr. Krishan Kumar visited his residence and school, his eyes were full of tears. The people are still united and love prevails across the border, this is not the only story but there thousands of partition stories.

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Source: Aljazeera

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