This Groom In Saudi Arabia Distributed Iphone 8 To All The Wedding Guests

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A groom in Saudi Arabia distributed Iphone 8 to all the people who attended his wedding…

Saudi Arabia distributed Iphone 8

Saudi’s are very much known for their luxurious lifestyle and richie rich weddings. A rich groom in Saudi Arabia distributed Iphone 8 to his wedding guests, yes this might be a strange thing to be practice in our country but not for them. Hundreds of Iphone were showcased on trays according to the viral video circulating on social media.

In some countries, It is a custom where guests give gift to the bride and groom but this groom did something  totally opposite. Although the guests coming to his wedding must be feeling like chosen one.

Perks of being a guest of royal wedding..

The gifts were presented in a very ceremonial way with traditional music at the background. One of the attendee at the wedding captured the joyful moments on the camera and posted on Facebook. the video was shared and played thousand times. 



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