Hassan Rouhani Re-Elected: Iranians Seeking A Bright Future With Their Current President

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The so called ‘reformist’ president Hassan Rouhani won the presidential elections for the second time in Iran, sweeping away his opponents comprehensively.  Approximately 40 million Iranians casted their votes on Friday, 19th May, 2017. It was a massive turnout! The Interior Ministry later revealed that 23 million (or 57 percent) votes were in favor of Hassan Rouhani. His chief opponent, Ebrahim Raisi, was swept away with just 15.7 million (38.8 percent) votes under his belt. It appears that the nation prefers a liberal personality is over a more conservative one.


Why is Hassan Rouhani the People’s Favorite?

Hassan Rouhani, first elected fours years back, came with a clear intention of  reducing Iran’s international isolation. His intentions of re-building the nation’s stagnant economy were clear from day one. Rouhani sought to frame the vote as a choice between liberalism and extremism.

The locals have given Hassan Rouhani a nod of approval to carry on with his liberal ideology. His victory is a result of mutual understanding with his people, built during his first expedition. The youth and the moderate Iranians acknowledge his approach in improving relations with the foreign countries including the likes of United State of America and other European nations. This gives the citizens an opportunity to live normal lives in Iran, an infused political country in the past.


The nation has seen it’s economy plunge downwards with Ahmadinejad’s harsh approach in the past. Let’s just say his ruling had brought inflation in the country, making his people’s lives extremely difficult.

Safeguarding The Nuclear Agreement

The re-election also means that Hassan Rouhani will be able protect and continue working on an agreement made in 2015. The agreement has led to international sanctions being lifted off Iran, allowing them to execute their nuclear programs. Hassan Rouhani has also promised to work on removing the remaining sanctions. However, Donald Trump is an obstacle this time around as he regards the deal as one of the worst ever.

Although winning the elections with a big margin, Rouhani, 68, will not have the complete freedom to execute his thoughts. The veto power in Iran lies with their supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. This will not allow Rouhani to implement his ideas without consideration from the higher authorities.


However, the support from the nation is what will drive Hassan Rouhani as he certainly wishes to meet the expectations of making Iran stand friendly with the rest around the globe.


Moreover, the Iranian nation supports his other plans. They include exploiting the resources in the country to boost their economy, improving the living standards and ensuring a bright future for the talented youngsters in the country.

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