The “Haute Couture Exhibition” with Arfa Jabeen

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The Haute Couture Exhibition was a ‘high end fashion’ display. It was sponsored by Intown Magaxine, Eventualle, PK, 2SS Associates and Enriched. This exhibition took place on the 17th of Febraury 2017 in Karachi.  It was an attempt to bring ‘online brands, creative artists and women entrepreneurs under one roof.’ The event included various brands which unfolded the art of early 1700’s, resembling the French culture.

The event was hosted by Arfa Jabeen.  It took place at “The Base Room” located at the 24th commercial street,  phase 2 of Defence, Karachi. Arfa briefed Daily Punch about the adventure which included the stalls of nine different brands. Most of these were businesses which are operating online and they were using this platform to promote their superb products.

We were able to find beautiful handicraft products and stylish designer dresses from unique brands, among many other interesting products such as imported handbags, highest order of artificial jewelry and other accessories. Surprisingly there was also a food stall in the middle of all this! This actually made this event felt complete. For Pakistanis, shopping goes hand in hand with having some of our street food or snacks!

Every collection on display had exclusive features, which were highlighted by the brand owners when we spoke to them at their stalls. We have made a list to make it easier for you to follow these unique brands. Let us have a look at it:

NK’s Home Accessories

This is a home accessories brand. They specialize in handmade bed sheets with a good variety of designs and sizes ranging from 3D, 5D up to 12D. They also had extraordinary imported floor and door mats.

SARA’s Collection

Sara, the owner of this business,  has been a fashion designer since 3 years now. She deals in pre-owned clothes and handbags which are self-designed alongside fancy imported jewelry. Her latest Egyptian Jewelry was the focal point amongst her elite collection.

AFRAH’s Collection

Embroidered dresses of different original brands were demonstrated at this stall. They included  Mossa Jee, Shail, Indulge, Safwa and Soghat.  Afrah said that her priority is to engage with the whole sale buyers, but she is also never shy to accept the retailer’s demands.

‘A’ Company

This one is a familiar name because of its outlet at the Vincy Mall located at Clifton, Karachi. With a history of dealing in diamond and gold watches, they launched their first display of silver jewelry at this exhibition. These fantastic products are mainly handmade and have been imported from Bangkok. The silver used has the purity standards certified with a stamp 925. The silver regime will be in the outlets next month.


Zilara is all about the stylish mixed jewelry. A mixture of 40% silver and 60% mixed metal is one of the finest recipes for the making of artificial jewelry, which is used in their products. The products are mainly imported from Bangkok and India. Blue sapphires stones with gold plated layer having 40% silver was the stand out item of this collection.

Haute Couture Exhibition
Beautiful Jewelry on Display


Aesthetic Art Exhibition

At this stall, we came across some amazing arts and crafts created through by a number of interesting techniques. Tehreem is the creative artist behind this venture. She had made the lovely tissue boxes, candle covers and wreaths with the foil work finish. Also, on display were some of her canvases. They showed artistic techniques like ‘egg shell work’, ‘hot glue technique’, ‘crystal paint’ and ‘flow paint’. This brand is currently operating online.

Haute Couture Exhibition
Art Attack!

Rose Creative

The lady behind this brand is Ms. Afroze Shahid. She told us that she is the former vice-president of Karachi Women’s Chambers of Commerce. Afroze has been into this craft for the last 14 years. She has mastered the art with 35 unique skills of making decorative items like key holders, wall mirror, candles, baskets etc.

Haute Couture Exhibition
One of Rose Creative’s candles, prepared with Foil Work

Shafaq Zainuddin

This was Shafaq’s debut in jewelry, after her previous experience in designing handbags and clothes. She is an experienced business owner who is working online. This exhibition played a great role in promoting her exclusive products.

Hot Street Cafe

This stall was like the icing on the cake! It offered some mouthwatering delights such has their special ‘Peta Wraps’. Hot Street Cafe has been successfully operating since the last 6 months in Gulshan-e Iqbal, Karachi. Hot Street Cafe became popular through various events such as birthday celebrations, graduation parties, movie nights and etc.

Daily punch wishes the best of luck to all the participants and appreciates their cooperation in helping us cover the event.

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