Have You Heard Arif Yet? If Not Then Do It Now & I Bet You Will Be Surprised

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“Arif ” The painter!

Last night my sister watching some video on Facebook and all I could hear was a melodious voice of a guy who kept changing the songs and was singing beautifully. So I got curious and decided to sneak peek into her phone. She restarted the video and we both sat there with our jaw dropped because the guy in the video, lost in his work; painting the wall and stuff and was singing. When the video started I begin to suspect that no he ain’t singing he is just lip sync because he was so calm. We usually see singers with extreme body language when they are singing because it takes effort. While this guy was singing so effortlessly that we can barely see his lips moving.

But when he switched to the next song I was like no, it’s him. Yes, he is singing. And he is extremely talented. I can literally listen to him the whole day with a smile and won’t get tired.


Meet Arif, the painter. Whose video got viral just yesterday, when a guy named Akbar, Who has a facebook page: came live and made Arif’s video while he was singing.  Arif belongs to Mir Pur Khaas Sindh, a middle-class family and was making his living by painting the houses.

I’ve been singing since I was 5 I just love singing and wanted to become a singer.

Here is the innocent & talented man!

Without any privilege, without learning anything about music, he was born with this talent. After the video went viral many channels, radio approached Arif. But Arif is not sharing his contact number with anyone at the moment because he said it’s his personal number and he gets work calls on this and if it gets leaked out then he would have to change the sim and that would be inconvenient for him.

They were live again on Facebook and it was overwhelming how he was singing on high notes, his voice is so clear, people are drooling over his talent. The guy who made these videos said that he will be disclosing Arif’s sir name and gonna make his page tonight. And you all can contact him there for supporting him or any stuff.




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