Hazara Attack and Christchurch Shooting ,What’s the difference ?

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The outcome of Hazara Killing and Christchurch Shooting

Recently Hazara has suffered a major loss in their community. The Bomb blast that occurred during the loading of vegetables onto trucks took 20 lives in total. The irony is that 20 lives have been lost due to terrorism and no one bats an eye.

Not to mention the incident occurred on Friday, which is considered the holiest day of the week.

A young girl crying in the midst of the protest.

After The Christchurch attack, the whole world rushed to support the Muslims that suffered in the terrorist attack. Prime Minister of New Zealand took the matter soberly and brought new reforms to gun laws in New Zealand.

As a matter of fact, this is not the first time that the Pakistan`s government has overlooked the causes of these terrorist attack.

The protracted violence on Hazara community has always been disregarded by the Government. The Hazaras are paying for something they have not done. For decades, they have been targeted and killed. There remains not a single family which has not been affected or has not lost a loved one.

The Hazara community sit-in enters its fourth day and still nothing from our handsome Prime Minister. Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted FIVE times about the New Zealand Mosque attack, gave examples of their country and their PM and assured all support.

This sparks up the question, whether the Hazara share the same blood as those who lost their life in Christchurch or not. Because they do not receive the same empathy from their government and media


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