35 Cat’s Gifs: We Dare You Not To Laugh

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 We dare you not to laugh on these cat gifs 

Are you a cat lover? if yes, and even if not, you have to watch these and we dare you not to laugh. Cats are so entertaining, they often do things that make you laugh out loud and you be sitting there, thinking what a crazy creature they are.


1. Excuse me?

2.I’m done with my life man.



3.knock knock! Anybody home?


4. Oh, my god, this stupid lizard just scared the hell out of me

5. Damn! this is the best chic massage ever!



7. Is this really a part of me?



8. Just casually saying, sup?



9. Is this a mike? it’s not working bro.



10. This bowl is comfortable. Thanks Man!



11. Aaaa what ya doing bruh?

oh okay, let’s do this together!



12. God, it’s Monday again 🙁



13. *Slap* stupid annoying human kid.



14. I’m an autumn Queen



15. Hmm, Where did it go? where did it go? I saw it here I remember.



16. Shit! I missed the catch.



17. Your Dj is in the house.



18. Stay away you kitten.






20. Hey hey heyy!!



21. I’m not in the mood to fight. JUST LET ME SLEEP.



22. Involuntary actions!



23. Holy Jesus! I’ve camera phobia, please!



24. Needed this so bad, it’s so hot outside.



25. Stop right there!



26. This is what you call playing?

Oh man!!! You are so boring.



27. No no no….. oops!



28. Ohh man!

Why these birds fly away? I’m so done. I’m not going for hunting ever again.



28. Seriously!



29. How dare you slap me, stupid kid!

Now take this, Revenge, human revenge.



30. Eww, eww, ew, ew, don’t, don’t, don’t!



31. What’s so fun about growing up huh?



32. Best ride ever!



33. Turn off the damn lights man!!



34. Don’t you touch it,  it’s all mine!





Have fun and do share what your cats do to entertain you, in the comments below!

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