Here Are The Best Moments Of The General Election 2018 Results

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General Election 2018 Results Are Just Hours Away And The Great News Awaits For The Nation

The recent polls in the country were full of enthusiasm and a big no to main stream politicians. Election day has ended and only thing Pakistanis are waiting for is General Election 2018 results. It was great to witness every person including celebrities, politicians, Ex-Army and current officers responsibly playing their part in the polls.

People recognizing vote as their supreme power and acting like a responsible citizen, is a huge change in the country. These elections had the highest turnover ratio in the history of Pakistan.

Lets start with the moment when India started loosing their mind on the news of Imran Khan to be the next PM.

The woes of Indian media on the general election 2018 results are uncanny and we have never seen our neighbors being so uncomfortable with our election’s results. Even the citizens of India are in shock to see such covering of the election by Indian media.

ECP Software Failure Just Delayed Election 2018 Results In Pakistan

It was a dream come true to see those towns of Pakistan who never got out to vote but this time breaking all the barriers they participated in the elections and used their power to vote.

Our security forces doing their every possible thing to provide security to the voters and assisting them with love.

Lahore rejecting Sharif dynasty in provincial and also in National assembly.

Raheel Sharif standing in the que at polling station.

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