Here is how Farhan Saeed’s fan reacted after he announced to sing for PTI

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Farhan Saeed to sing official song of the election 2018 campaign for PTI

Our latest sensation Farhan Saeed, singer-turned-actor, who recently got so much praised even more than before, because of his drama ‘Suno Chanda’ in which he performed a leading role as Arsal.  The drama hit millions of views on youtube and was trending on number 5, has made insane counts of fans all over the globe in just in a little time.

Well, when Farhan Saeed posted a couple of photos of him with Chairman PTI Imran Khan to announce that he will be singing the official song of the election campaign for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), fans started commenting on his post right away!

These were the pictures posted by Farhan Saeed:

A post shared by Farhan Saeed (@farhan_saeed) on

And this was the caption!


And people filled the comment section with appreciation, hate, love, criticism, compliments and much more.

Most of the people sprinkled love for the collaboration!



Some fans loved to see them together.

Of course, there were hate comments too.

Guys, Hate arahi hai bhaagti howi…




Some even noticed their footwear and complimented them!


       Some mentioned the co-star of ‘Suno Chanda’  Iqra Aziz for no apparent reason

And we bet didn’t see this coming!

Do share with us what’s your point of view on this collaboration?


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