Here’s Why Junoon was Pakistan’s All Time Favourite Band in the 90’s

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Musical Renditions and Amazing Songs by Junoon were a part of everyone’s playlist back in the 1990s till 2005. Junoon was said to be the band that represented the Youth Of Pakistan! They were an integral part of the music industry back then and brought in many international viewership in the country. The band was formed in 1990 led by lead guitarist and songwriter, Salman Ahmad, and vocalist Ali Azmat. The band was completed soon as Brian O’Connell joined the band as its bassist. Junoon is one of Asia’s most successful bands labelled as “the U2 of Pakistan” and the first in Pakistan to bring rock, Sufi rock and a fusion of Western and Eastern music to the mainstream market.

Here are some of the most iconic songs by Junoon which never fail to refresh us:


Zamaanay k Andaaz


Neend Aati Nahin

Sigh ! To be young again.


Yaar Bina

UNESCO presented Junoon with an award for their achievements towards Peace in South Asia. They were invited to perform at UNESCO’s “Music for Peace” concert held in Paris, along with many other great artists from around the world. In 2000, the band performed in the Summer European Rock Festival along with Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden, The Cure and many others. They also performed the largest ever concert in Dubai with Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam, with nearly 20,000 in attendance.

Junoon inspired so many young people, they are but only remembered in extremely fond memory. There has been no band since 2005 which kept us as engaged and excited! Junoon, we miss you!

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