Hey boys! Can you people tell us what this thing is?

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So a girl in a closed girls group, just posted the picture of this girly tool (not mentioning the name because then the boys will know and won’t guess)  and tell other girls to ask about it to their brothers/fiances/ husbands/friends that what do they think it is? and the replies are killing :’D

But, before posting the screenshots we want to ask all the boys out there to tell us in the comment section, that what do you think it is used for?

No cheating! just make the guess, comment it down and then you can check out the screenshots. Trust me they’re hilarious.

So here we go!

According to most of the boys, it’s a “daant nikalany wala tool”


And to this gentlemen, it’s a “Naak kay baal nikaalny wala too” 


From “Makeup ki cheez to a medical kit to exercise thing to a war tool” all in one.


According to this guy the name “lash curler” was too “SADHARAN”  for this too as it looks so dangerous


A gigantic nose pin, girls :’)

and new discovery, we can also apply eyeliner with it :’)


And this brother thought it’s a nail cutter  🙂

who have such big nails 🙂


He is a keeper!

for making eyelashes sexier!


And surprisingly 30% of the boys knew the answers.





So it’s an ice-cream nikaalny wala tool too :’) 


Some thought so so wrong about it, that I can’t even post here, lol.


And according to this Guy, you can squeeze lemons with it too :’)


animals ka what????

Kuch Bhi Matlab?


He read it in, Know your begum wali kitaabh 🙂


Check out his confidence!

Okay so first you curl your eyes

then eyebrows

and the lashes at the end :’D



Why do most of the boys confuse eyelashes and eyebrows?

Even my brothers do that.



How do they look like handcuffs?


And we had a little tour to the labor room too :’)



Yessss ladies yesss!

boys just discovered a new thing and that’s straightening your eyebrows :’)



Who plays with eyebrows? and not only just play but there’s a tool for that too :’)


So the conclusion is, guys have random jumping bumping stupid imaginations. And these were just some of the replies, we had more but we can’t post cause that’s a lot. So ask your friends, husbands, brothers, what they think of this thing is and share with us.


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