How To Be A Pro At Instagram Blogging?

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Blogging on Instagram?

There was a time when social media was considered just to stay connected to each other and upload pictures or videos. Although People still do the same, but now it has become a larger platform for business as well. People have started their businesses through Instagram and Facebook and they find it easier to connect with people and advertise their products and promote their business.

Since Instagram came as the online business game and the advertisement has changed. Instagram is a microblogging platform; people joined Instagram and started blogging and became influencers. And these influencer and bloggers are the game changers for entrepreneurs. They send their products to them and the influencers and bloggers review their products to their large numbers of followers.  In this way, the audience of that blogger check the entrepreneur’s account or page and even buy those products that were reviewed by the blogger/influencer. This is hoe it is working in a cycle.

But the question is how to become one?

To become a blogger or influencer is really simple. You just gotta make an Instagram account with whatever the name you think is perfect for your blog. But engagement and traffic on your blog is the thing that makes it tricky and struggling.

Yes, and for engagement or increasing your followers count, you need to follow some tips and tricks.

Decide what you want to write on? is it food? fashion? beauty blogging? whatever you’re interested in. Just find passion and start.

Keep two things in mind that never start blogging for money or to get famous. Start if you have the passion for writing or photography or you just love to share your content through Instagram and to interact with people.

 Tips for beginners

Select the theme

First of all, you need to select a theme for your blog. No matter what, just stick to your theme and be presentable. People should feel good when thy visit your blog.

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Be exclusive

Have something in your blog that only your blog is working on. For instance, this blogger post’s are all about acne or fitness. As her posts are exclusive about acne, so she will come to your mind if you are looking for something regarding hormonal acne and you will definitely check her feed.

Source: Anyaa_awan/Instagram
Choose the right hashtags

Hashtags are really important when it comes to blogging on Instagram. People use hashtags to find posts on that. For example, I want to see a review on a pen, I will write #pen on Instagram and will find all the post with this hashtag. So if you want engagement on your blog then use the right hashtags.

  Good luck! 


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