How To Challenge the Power Of Your Habit

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More than often we come across people whose specific habits of doing a certain thing a certain way or at a certain time makes them look different from others while a lot of people have shared habits as well. For instance if you smoke a cigarette every day after you wake up you’ve got a habit. Habits are a set of things done in a pattern repetitively. It’s really difficult to change an old habit thus the expression “old habits die hard”.

According to an old Chinese proverb, there’s a cycle that begins with a thought and ends up on destiny. Habits are an integral part of that cycle. Here is how the cycle looks like in the case of a casual smoker turned into a chain smoker:


It means that everything we do starts with a thought and by the time the action becomes our habits we start doing them instinctively. But it doesn’t end there: The cycle goes on beyond things becoming your habits, it leads them to define your character or a part of it which means it becomes an important part of who you are and that leads you to your destiny. The best thing about a habit is that everything starts with a thought. Which also indicates that what we want to do and what we end up doing starts by our own selves. It is not beyond our control or how we want to be.

Of course, the cycle requires more effort in the beginning than what it becomes by the time things become your habit. For instance, if someone wants to achieve their ideal body goal, they will start with a thought. To actually achieve the goal/target or before they get into action for it, there is a process of getting to know how they can achieve their goal. This may also consist of research and consultation or signing up with a gym instructor or their nutritionist. Once they get into action, start a gym routine or start following a specific diet all they have to do is keep doing it until it becomes their habit. And there, you got it! As it may look very easy, the process of getting into action and adapting a habit is really difficult. Sometimes you can’t do it just because of your existing habits. And we come back to the expression “old habits die hard”. It is in fact your habits that may in most cases define who you are and where you are headed.

So before you pick your pen and start chewing it, do think it might become your habit. Or while you are reaching your liquor cabinet or pack of cigarettes, please think because your negative habits may end up harming you. It is very important that we understand this and start taking control of what we are doing by simply thinking about the results they might incur.

On a relevant note, here is a list of a few famous people and their distinct habits:

Albert Einstein:

Arguably the most genius person of the 20th century was Albert Einstein, he had the habit of smoking and he used to sleep longer than most people. According to some articles on the internet he used to sleep for 10 hours. It is also reported that he hated wearing socks. He even went to a White house dinner without wearing any socks.

Stephen King:


All time popular writer Stephen King has a habit of having a glass of water everyday between 8 – 8 30 am. Right after he wakes up along with listening to his music sitting in a particular seat in his room.

Thomas Edison:

Edison, the inventor of light bulb used to sleep only 3 or 4 hours a day. The man was a workaholic and most probably because of his habit of less sleep and more work were we able to brighten our nights.

Barack Obama:

Barack Obama has the habit of waking up early and having breakfast with his family. He helps his daughters pack up for school before getting to work. He also quit a very bad habit of smoking. He said it was difficult but he is proud of getting rid of this bad habit.

Tory Burch:

The famous designer Tory Burch has the habit of waking up early. She goes for a morning walk after that and then heads to work.

Maya Angelou:


She would never write at home. All her life she wrote from a hotel, a tiny plain small room with just a bed. She thought it was lonely and marvelous! Maya Angelou always wrote right from her heart.


The power of habits on the human mind can be controlled before they even start to become one. The human mind is accustomed in such a way that habits can be changed, developed or eradicated completely.




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