How To Cope With Anxiety?

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Leave Us Alone, you “Anxiety”!

“I am anxious”, “Anxiety attacks” and of course “My anxiety and me”, are the phrases that you commonly hear now a days. Every one in two people is trying to fight anxiety even in the smallest of matters of their normal lives, like you are anxious if; you should wear that blue dress or you should say Hi to that person smiling at you or you should reply with an emoji in the the end of that message or not. These are just those little things that causes us that miserable feeling of anxiousness. So, what about the same problem in the bigger picture? Where you have serious issues in your life that are already making it difficult for you to survive and this entire issue of anxiety is glued with that too.  Man! we are in trouble, so trouble that we have been in a continuous struggle with these thoughts and want this thing to just shut down, but no, it’s not happening at all.

Although there is no permanent bye to such thoughts but still we can try everyday to make it cope-able for us. The question arises “How”????

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Here are FIVE top tips by Dr. Rachel Lalan to cope with your anxiety.


1. Stop, Notice, Accept, Curious, Kindness

Use S.N.A.C.K to slow it down and be with it in a new way. This provides distance and often time relief.

2. Relax your nervous system regularly.

With deep breathing, essential oils, mantras, warm baths, meditation/yoga, reading, music, dancing and cuddling with a pet will surely help.

3.Self – Soothe

Nuture your worried mind and heightened physiology with self-talk. E.g, ” You’re okay. This is anxiety because this means a lot to you but don’t forget, no feeling is final”.

4. Weigh The Facts

Ask yourself, “What’s actually true here? What’s the evidence? Once you have considered the reality of the situation, come up with a more balanced thought.

5. Discern level of control

Is the anxiety that message the solution finding is in order or something’s got to give? If so, focus on what needs to happen. If not, let it go!


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