Huawei to Become No 1 Smartphone Manufacturer by 2020

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After overtaking Apple in smartphones, Huawei is aiming for No. 1 by 2020

Huawei aims to become the No.1 smartphone manufacturer of the world by the year 2020, after overtaking Apple’s second spot.

In the second quarter of this year, Huawei overtook Apple and secured the second position as the most-selling smartphone manufacturer. According to the reports of Gartner Huawei sold 49.3 million units passing Apple’s 44.7 million unit, getting the shares of 13.3 per cent in the smartphones market.

Now Huawei aims to get the number one spot in the smartphone market – held by Samsung – by the year 2020. Huawei consumer division CEO Richard Yu has set his ambition and pretty confident to overtake Samsung in the years to come.

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In an interview to CNBC, he said, “ Next year, we will be very close to number one, maybe we will be on par with Samsung. And at least the year after, maybe we have a chance (to be number one), the year 2020,”

To become the king in the smartphone market Huawei has aimed to get the flair of novelty in every field of smartphone from foldable screens to AI development for the growth of its consumer business.

Huawei came into the world of the smartphone in 2010 with its first Android smartphone brand – IDEOS.

Huawei Future Plans

It has been eight years since Huawei smartphone debut. Now, this Chinese tech firm is stepping into high tech evolution, moving towards 5G technology, foldable phones, and augmented reality glasses. It has now become one of the biggest Chinese technology firms right after the growth of smartphone networking equipment. Huawei is also an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) that made devices and design them for other firms.

The major reason for the upright growth of Huawei is majorly credited to its persistent innovation in the smartphone technologies that offered at affordable prices to the consumer. One of the significant strokes that Huawei played in the world of technology is their P20 Pro smartphone that was launched in March 2018. It contains a triple-lens camera that was offered at a price just over $1000.

Another reason that makes Huawei capable to outrank Apple is their creation of artificial intelligence chip design in the smartphone, just like Apple does.

Huawei is currently working on a foldable phone which will be launched in the next year and will be emerged as the company’s first 5G-enabled handset.

In the smartphone market Samsung tops the list with around 20%, however, it has been witnessing a 10.4% year-on-year fall. Huawei, with their sharp growth plans, does not seems to get any serious competition to become the ruler of the smartphone market.

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