Woman beaten by Husband after losing her as a bet in gambling match with friends

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Woman Brutality

Woman Thrashed by Husband: In Chiniot District, a husband lost his wife in a gambling bet as a result of being drunk. Following day he arrived at his house with his friends whom he had lost against and tried to force his wife to go with them. When the wife resisted, he started beating her with a wood sharpened piece, leaving a prominent mark on her face.

Source: Ary News

The woman was going through exams while this happened, furthermore, the husband tore her admit card, making her ineligible to attend the exam.

The woman speaking to Ary news about the harm that is caused by her husband.

A few days back another video of similar brutality surfaced on the internet in which a woman can be seen pleading to the viewers to help her as the policemen are hesitant to register the case moreover they are pursuing her to withdraw any given statements to the media. The case was taken in the notice by Dr.Shiren Mazari and soon the suspects responsible for the torture were apprehended.


Cases like these involving woman and children have been coming to light more and more due to social media. Women thrashing have become a norm in Pakistan, even after strict law being legislated by the government.

Dr. Shireen Mazari stated that besides the implementation of existing laws and devising new legislation, it is equally important to create awareness among masses regarding their rights.


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