Hussain Nawaz Confronted by a Concerned Pakistani in London

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Hussain nawaz Confronted

People bashing Pakistani politicians and their family members in foreign countries, is not new thing. Hence, it is clear that if local people got the chance to retaliate against these corrupt leaders, they will surely avail it. Earlier it was Sharjeel Memon, last year when his video went viral outside the pub. The video is going viral, where Hussain nawaz and his family being publicly insulted by a random guy.

Here’s A Question, Is This The Legit Way ?

While it clearly shows how politely and nicely, Hussain reacted to the guy even after those abusive words front of his family. Yet we label PML-N supporters as uneducated and illiterate. No matter how bad and sinful other person is but there is etiquette and ethics of protest and boycotting.

He might have reacted, with violence, but he didn’t. Yes indeed it is a national issue, court has given its verdict but they are Human as well, this wasn’t the right way to approach.

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