The Hybrid Rickshaw Makes A Grand Entry In Pakistan

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The Pakistan Auto Parts Show (PAPS) was organized in Karachi on 3 March, 2017. The main highlight of this show was perhaps, the Hybrid Rickshaw. What’s so special about this newbie in the Rickshaw family? Let’s find out:

This show was first organized in 1995. Later on the show was organized in different years. Since 2013 this show is taking place every year. This platform provides the opportunity to exhibit the new capabilities and innovation in the automotive industry. Similarly, this year PAPS invited the entire Automotive Engineering Sector to gather on a single platform for a three-day event.

The purpose of this show was to display new models of cars, trucks, motorbikes, buses and three-wheeler vehicles recently manufactured. In addition, this event was perfect for people who are interested in seeking the latest innovations in the automobile industry.

Hybrid Rickshaw: Something To Look Forward to?

This year’s exhibition brought numerous new innovations to our country including a new model of auto rickshaw in Pakistan. The new model is called “HYBRID RICKSHAW” and is a Chinese manufactured vehicle. It is launched by Green Wheels Private Limited as they are assembling it locally in Pakistan.

Passengers will be facilitated in two categories: They would have a choice to travel either in an air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned vehicle.

Hybrid Rickshaw

Internet Facility

The Wi-Fi provided in this three-wheeler would certainly excite the citizens. Now this is something we will enjoy experiencing!

Hybrid Rickshaw

Fuel Consumption

Its average fuel consumption will be 1 liter for 50 Km per hour. Furthermore, bonus attraction is that it shifts to hybrid system automatically, if driven at speed of 25 km per hour or below.

The cost of this hybrid rickshaw has been declared by the company officials. According to their announcement; the cost of non-air conditioned model will be almost 400,000 Pakistani rupees.

Finally, let us hope that this hybrid rickshaw will give us safe rides to our destinations. Seems like, it may be the most comfortable means of public transport rather than the available “fit” transport provided to us. (Oh yes, I did play that so called “unfit” card here. Oops!)

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Fizza Waqar