Imaan Mazari, daughter of Shireen Mazari always remains top of the social media. Lately the disreputable pictures of Imaan Mazari was circulating all over internet, while she was partying. Because of her liberal views and mother’s engagement with politics, she has been constantly under criticism and fire. It is not for the first time almost years back the same issue took place but vanished with the time.

And this time was no more different than previous post and same reaction from the Internet moral teachers.


While some suggested her to wear proper dress and burqa.


But after all this fire coming towards her, she broke her silence and posted on Facebook.

Imaan mazari

 And people went on supporting her stance on what she was going through.

Imaan Mazari

Some said that they are jealous.


However, this is the perfect scene of clash of mentality in our society. Liberals keep on labeling other as conservatives while conservatives keep calling them immoral liberals. No matter whatever you do, people will judge you and if you are a public figure than it is more severe. Let us know about your thoughts regarding this.


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