Indian Government’s false claim of shooting a F-16 debunked by US Officials

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India Vs Pakistan

India and Pakistan are two nuclear powers and their rivalry gathered the attention of big powers. Qatar, Turkey, and the US urged both countries  for de-escalation, as the war between these two countries would not only be catastrophic for them but for the Whole world.



Pakistan Army Offical posing on what seems to be the wreckage of Indian air force jet.

False Allegations

Indian Air Force has repeatedly denied their pilot being shot down by Pakistan until the video of  Major Abhinandan being beaten came on to the surface of the Internet. Additionally, they were hell-bent on convincing others that they have shot an F-16 Fighter Jet.

To make matter worse for Pakistan, as it is battling for economic growth, India demanded US to stop aiding Pakistan as they claimed that Pakistan misused F-16 fighter jets and Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (Amraam) against India.

The Consequence Of The Dogfight

On the positive side, in de-escalation between the rival countries, undeniably Pakistan won the respect of all nations and was applauded due to its mature nature in this critical situation. The claim of Pulwama Attack by India was also being proved false indicating towards Modi’s intention to gather more votes in the heat of the situation.

According to the report issued, all the claims of Indian civil and military leadership appeared to be wrong, as the count conducted by US authorities on the ground in Pakistan opposed New Delhi’s version of events, suggesting that Indian authorities may have deceived the international community about what happened that day.


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