India is mistakenly angry at Microsoft Excel while expressing outrage on Surf Excel Ad

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People of India Are Mistakenly Angry On Microsoft Excel While Expressing Outrage On the New Surf Excel Ad

Surf Excel just came up with an idea of uniting the two neighbouring countries Pakistan and India in the current fiasco. The new commercial from Surf Excel is winning hearts on this side of the border but the other side is outraging. Not just outraging but boycotting Surf Excel.

Indians or some religious extremists are basically offended because the ad is featuring a little Hindu girl and a Muslim. Why they’re boycotting and hating it the reasons are unknown and during this something hilarious happened. People started boycotting surf excel but some of them throw hate on Microsoft Excel. Because of the “EXCEL” in both brands, name Indians are confused.


And guess what, it turns out a few people aren’t able to distinguish between Surf Excel and Microsoft Excel. To be fair though, one cleans up your clothes, and the other cleans up that god-awful mess of a Word doc filled with numbers you’re tracking.

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Watch the complete surf Excel ad here!

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