Indian Fake Tech Support Shut Down by Police With Microsoft Help

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Indian Police in collaboration with Microsoft raided call centers in New Delhi which were fake tech support and an internet scam, taking money out of the pockets from the people of USA and Canada.

According to sources, 16 call centers in the Indian capital of New Delhi have been shut down by Indian Police, as they were trapping the people of USA and Canada by sending them pop-up messages of some fake virus. While most of us are used to getting these messages every day on our screen and ignore them, some falls victim who are induced by the scammers.

Microsoft was incessantly getting complaints of this fake tech support centers, and when they finally collaborated with Indian police, three dozens of people arrested and raided 16 call centers in New Delhi.

Most of the people of this generation understand these types of scams and gets vigilant whenever see anything unusual on our systems. But, there are also few people who are not much aware of these scams and whenever they see their screen pops-up identifying some fake tech problems, they get frightens and ends up in calling the given number and paying money for something totally redundant. According to Microsoft, every one out of five people does call or gets into the trap. The repair services price for this fake tech-support was between $99 to $1000.

India has been claimed as an ideal location for scammers, as most of the internet scams are detected in India. Microsoft has received 11,000 complaints regarding this fake call centers issue. After receiving such complaints Microsoft started detecting such spots of scammers and then collaborated with the authorities to tackle down this problem.


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