Indian media’s propaganda: US visa reduced to 3 months for Pakistanis

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The fake news that Indian media is spreading

The rumours are that the United States is decreasing the US visa duration from 5 years to 3 months for Pakistani citizens.

Here’s what Times of India tweeted

After the Pulwama attack, the tension that is there between India-Pakistan is causing so much. And loads of fake news from India is surfacing all over the Internet lately. And guess what, this is one of them. It all started, when India media started the rumour that Pakistan’s visa duration has been cut down by the United States. This fake news made Indians so happy that they started a hashtag #PulwamaTerrorAttack under this as if it has something to do with the attack or some sort of revenge from Pakistan.


Pakistanis got super upset over the news but the truth is here

The notice from the US officials is not just for Pakistan but for other countries as well. It says,

“[d]uring a recent worldwide review, the Department of State noted discrepancies between the U.S. visa regime and the visa regimes of many countries, including Pakistan.”

Also, it’s not for all visas

The US Embassy declares that there are four types of visas that have faced reductions.

The new validity periods of these visas will be:

  1. I visas: 3 months
  2. H visas: 12 months
  3. L visas: 12 months
  4. R visas: 12 months

The tourist or business visa is known as B1/B2 visa, which most of the Pakistani used and that has not been changed in this. These Tourist/business visas haven’t been modified and are still valid for 5 years.

Why the fees changed? here is the reason “because Pakistan was unable to liberalize its visa regime for certain visa categories, [hence] the United States was required by US law on January 21 to reduce the visa validity and increase the visa fees to match Pakistan’s practices for similar visa categories.” Basically, they are increasing the visa fee because we haven’t decreased theirs.

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