Injury Sidelines Novak Djokovic For Rest Of The Year

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Twelve-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic will not play again in 2017 because of an elbow injury.

The Serbian international made the announcement on Wednesday, explaining the reasons behind a massive and indeed a difficult decision.

In a statement on his official website, Djokovic insisted the problem requires a sustained period of rest:

“It is the most important for me to recover, to be able to play injury free for as long as possible, to compete in the sport that has given me so much, the sport I love. Of course I want to return to the winning form, to win again, to win the trophies. But now it is not the time to talk about it. At this point, I’m focusing on recovery.”

This means the 30 year old will miss the upcoming U.S. Open. Djokovic hasn’t been in action since he retired from his quarterfinal match with Tomas Berdych at Wimbledon with an elbow injury.

Having consulted the injury with various doctors and specialists, he is advised not to hope for an instant recovery. The injury will take time to recover as it requires natural rehabilitation rather than medicines and surgery’s.




A long break from the game would not necessarily diminish him, but could help him to make a strong comeback. He has also confirmed that Andre Agassi will remain his coach during the recovery period.

Agassi was a top player in his era.
Source: Agassi was a top player in his era.

Since winning the 2016 French Open to complete the career Grand Slam, Novak Djokovic hasn’t lived up to his lofty standards. He was defeated in the third round at last year’s Wimbledon, was knocked out in the first round at the Olympics by Juan Martin del Potro and lost in the second round at the 2017 Australian open.

Source: Djokovic Winning The French Open 2016.
Source: Djokovic Winning The French Open 2016.






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