Insanity At Mardan: Condolences to Mashal’s Family

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Piling up on the calamities in Pakistan’s history, the recent incident of brutally killing a young student at Abdul Wali Khan University is a heartbreaking moment for any human. The morning of April the 13th didn’t fell kind for Mashal and his family. The devastating news broke later into the day of the boy being beaten to death by a large group of people accusing the young man for ‘blasphemy’. Another student named Abdullah was also attacked. The police managed to save him on time and he was escorted to the hospital. The angry mob then turned their eyes towards their second and only remaining target, Mashal.

How Did This All Ignite?

In an official statement given by Mashal’s injured friend, he states that he can point fingers at the culprits behind all this. He said that he received a call at 11 a.m. that day from his friend Abbas, who was asking him to visit the Journalism department of the university. During his visit there, he happened to paas by a classroom. Its representative Mudassar Basheer was also there. Also, there was a group of angry students present there. They were accusing him and Mashal of committing ‘blasphemy’. Abdullah straight away denied the accusation. He recited the Holy Kalma in front of them, with its translation in Urdu and Pashto. He was then asked to say that Mashal Khan was against Islam, to which Abdullah refused.

Following this, the angry mob attacked him. However, he was lucky enough to be saved. Sadly, his friend Mashal Khan was brutally beaten up until he killed. It was a height of cruelty that his dead body was also desecrated.

Abdullah was in the hospital when he heard the sad news of his dear friend. He says he can easily point out those behind all this once he sees them.

The Irony Behind Such Outrageous Acts

We all pray and hope that justice would be served against these radical acts on April 13, 2017. One has to feel for the family of Mashal: the parents lost their young son who faced a very painful death. His father said, “It’s very sad that they killed him like this. The accusation was very cheap, considering Mashal’s character”.

The irony is that these extremists forced a father to lift his young son’s coffin, yet they believe that they have done something great for Islam. What such people fail to realize is that Islam is not what they have been taught. A religion which has laws about even treating the animals kindly can never ever be as harsh on humans as displayed in this incident. Islam teaches nothing but peace, love, tolerance, humanity and justice.

Even the word Islam itself means ‘well-being/peace’ or salamti.

Therefore, such extremist acts can never be proved to be based on Islamic teachings! This is surely a result of brainwashing, fake and misleading religious literature being circulated everywhere and specially in Madrassas nowadays. Many such religious institutes have been known to lead average citizens to an extremist mindset. To stop this nonsense, the authorities must take strict measures immediately.

We offer our deepest condolences to Mashal’s family on their huge loss.

What Have Islam And The Prophet (PBUH) Taught Us?

This barbaric society is our own creation. Getting to know about Islam from misleading and misguided individuals rather than the Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself could only lead to insanity and not harmony. This incident clearly shows that what ever literature these sort of mobs have schooled themselves and other young innocent souls with is either manipulated or they are just being lead by the enemies of Islam.

A small example of tolerance from the Prophet’s (PBUH) life is the incident of the old lady throwing trash daily on the Prophet (PBUH) as he walked by her house. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) never even said anything to her in response to this behavior. On the contrary, when one day she didn’t come out to throw garbage on him, he asked the people there what why she wasn’t there. He then got to know that it was because she had fallen ill. Such was his forgiving nature that he actually went to her house to inquire about how she was feeling. The result of this beautiful action was that that lady ended up accepting Islam, after being inspired by the conduct of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH).

Everybody knows about this incident and there are no conflicts in any sects regarding this story. We were supposed to learn from the Prophet (PBUH) to be humble and forgiving, in the way which led that lady to accept Islam. However, our actions seemed to be way opposite to our Prophet’s (PBUH) teachings. I don’t see Mashal committing a more ruthless act than that lady, if he did commit any.

Such extremism makes one questions how we went astray. Only time will tell who is influencing all these wrong teachings and the conspiracies behind such acts of radicalism.

There is nothing that can justify the violence and extremism in AWK university in favour of Islam. It is a disgrace for the religion of Islam and its followers. I would not even like to talk about the fate of those involved in the killing. Many like-minded people would justify them and those people, in my opinion, are worse than animals. I think that a liberal believer of any religion would agree.

A Similar Incident

Seven years back in Sialkot, two young brothers passed away after a similar public reaction. These boys were at the wrong place at the wrong time. A robbery not committed by them eventually left their bodies ripped apart. It was the Holy month of Ramadan and the boys were in the state of fasting.

The culprits involved recently received their punishments from the court. They included a police officer who was there at the time of the incident, letting people do their thing while he watched two school boys crying for help. The court took seven long years to reach to a conclusion! It doesn’t get more shameful than that.

Changes are always promised, but who honors their promises? Specially if they belong to the law enforcement in Pakistan. No one! Seven years and many similar incidents later, such things are still happening. The lack of prompt and strict actions against them is surely the reason why this continues.

Our deepest condolences to Mashal’s family on the tragic death of their son. May his family find the strength to endure their huge loss.


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