Instagram and Facebook Are Down for Some Users worldwide

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Facebook, Instagram down Users report trouble accessing the social media platforms

Facebook and Instagram are down for hours now. It all started when people were finding it difficult to access social networking websites Facebook and Instagram. The problem reported on Wednesday and persisting on Thursday as well.

At some places, the apps are able to open up but, in many cases, they’re missing a good bit of their functionality. Both platforms are facing issues, especially with sending and receiving messages and even uploading/posting content.

While it is causing trouble for the majority it also isn’t impacting all the Facebook and Instagram users.

Users are panicking, one of them tweeted!

And then Facebook came up with a tweet and assured the users that they are working on resolving the issue


They also tried to calm people with another tweet


However, the outage does not to be impacting Whatsapp messages. Whatsapp messages working fine except for the exchange of audios and videos. No one knows for how long it’ll be like this. The outage has currently lasted several hours. The last time Facebook suffered such massive outage was November 2018.”

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