Internet Reacts To Trump’s Saudi Arabia Visit

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In case anyone has been living under a rock for the past two years, US president Donald Trump is one erratic guy. From his social media rants to his blanket generalizations and his outrageous plans (such as building a wall between US and Mexico), everything gets attention. Take, for instance, his recent visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to participate in the US-Arab-Islamic Summit in Riyadh.

The American leader signed a $110 billion ‘defense’ deal with our Saudi brethren. Coincidentally, the deal was negotiated by Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

But even more jaw-dropping was the change in Trump’s tone when he spoke to the media in Riyadh. From being a champion of the ‘Muslim-ban’, the US president seems to have had a change of heart (or pocket!). His stance in the Holy Kingdom was nothing less than congenial.

As you can see below, Donald Trump was calling the Saudi prince a ‘dopey prince’ back in 2015. However, a massive defense deal was enough for Trump to loose his prestige.


For what seems like forever, Donald Trump has been giving the internet something to talk about. His visit to Riyadh was no less entertaining. It seems that Mr. Trump, too, had a ball (both literally and figuratively).

This is him, putting his hands on a glowing orb at the Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology with King Salman and the Egyptian President.


Of course, the internet could not let this slide. A hailstorm of tweets, memes and jokes succeeded the posting of this photo.

Look at him, he looks so happy!


Though, some of his fellow Americans might not have shared the same enthusiasm as him.


The president’s wife, Melania, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law/adviser Jared Kushner accompanied him on this visit.

Wait! Isn’t Trump supposed to be waving?

Source: Washington Post

Of course, they too were not left out of the fun.


And the trolling went on!


The US presidential contingent wasn’t the only foreign visitor at the Summit, though.


Spot someone familiar? Yup, it is our very own ex-Army chief Raheel Sharif, dining with Trump’s son-in-law and Saudi crown prince and Defense Minister, Muhammad bin Salman.

In short, we can say that everyone had a merry time.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates pledged to give a total of $110 million to the Women’s Empowerment Fund, which Ivanka Trump has publicly supported. In turn, the US First Lady and First Daughter praised Saudi Arabia’s role in ‘empowering women’.

So basically, the US got business, the Saudi monarchy got positive publicity… and the internet got memes and videos worth their weight in gold.

Finally, you can see DT ‘s arrival!

Trump left for Israel after Saudi Arabia and it seems that his wife is no more enjoying these dirty political trips.

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