iPhone users’ security is in trouble once again because Hackers are back

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iPhone users’ security is in trouble once again

iPhone has been in trouble for many times in the past regarding the security. And guess what, trouble again because hackers have found a loophole in the new system and they can make a new way to make their way into an iPhone’s Cloud system.

Smart hackers have found a way which allows them to go past the activation lock by scamming people as Apple Store employees.

In easy words, the black market for stolen iPhones is always in demand. So when a customer makes a purchase from their carrier, they return their previously iPhone asking for an upgrade.

And when the customer returned the set he/she will be asked to disable the iCloud lock. When the owners of the phones don’t do that then these iCloud locked get sold in bulk. This is what the hackers are taking advantages of.

Re-sellers purchase iCloud kits then these are the tool to fools the iPhone’s original owner of the locked phone into giving away their Apple ID and password by their will. For this thing to happen, hackers create a special text which makes it look like it is sent from Apple.

In the case, if this does not work, then the hackers trick Apple employees are shown a fake receipt as owners at times forget their iCloud ID information. These fake receipts are generated later on for unethical purposes.

So in case if you are handing your iPhone for an upgrade, take the extra-precautions before you find yourself in a difficult situation.

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