Iqrar ul Hassan finally arrived in Burma for Rohingya People

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Earlierit was Waqar zaka and now Iqrar ul Hassan has made his way to Burma.

The famous man behind exposing every trickery, fraud and nepotism of our system is finally in Burma. Initially  there were rumors of famous Pakistani TV anchorpersons leaving for support in Myanmar but nothing was confirm. A day back, Iqrar ul Hassan who never fail to show the real story behind every incident, has finally landed in Burma.

Genocide in Burma

For last 30 days the genocide has been on peak in the Rohnigya majority areas. Videos and photos depicting the inhumanity in the country are dreadful. The followers of Buddha looks bloodthirsty and it is hard for world to observe this vicious behavior from them. Even UN seems silent on the mass murdering of innocent humans.

Behind all this killing is the Buddhist monk, Visaru and military. It all started when some Rohingya insurgents attacked on local police stations. as per their local reports According to the government the number of people killed are rebels but the picture is still doubtful .

Pakistani’s in Burma.

Lately, number of people has started to arrive in the region for the support to the community. Iqrar ul hassan is one of them who arrived yesterday in the Rakhine state of Burma. He tweeted his picture a day back outside the mausoleum of King Zafar.

Iqrar ul Hassan

 And few hours back he tweeted other image while entering Rakhine state.


We wish best of luck to Iqrar, for his courage and bold step. Let us know in the comments about all this and his bold decision.

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