Itwaar Ki Kahani Har Fard Ki

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Warning: Share this post with your friends. Within seven days you will get another Sunday. One of my friend ignored this post and he got a MONDAY in 24 hours… believe me it works.

Itwaar comes and goes every week but it’s never enough, aur ho bhi kaise sakta hai! I mean there is  only 1 Sunday in a week of 7 days, just 4 in a month of 30 days and the misery continues .. only 52 Sundays in a year of 365 days … badi nainsafi hai!

Some people have taken over twitter to tweet about their views on Itwaar and we cannot agree more:

1-  This guy knows the pain of loosing someone but loosing grip over an Itwaar is a next level pain.1

2- When we take Itwaar for granted and regret over it the other 6 days. This process is on a repeat mode.


3- When you become a jawan out in the battle field to rescue your pyari ammi’s Sunday from kitchen.

4- Because lays and Itwaar are so similar, they both are filled with fine air.



5- When we look upto our engineer friends to make the impossible possible


6-  Aurtoon ka tu kch khayal kro!!! Why can’t Sunday be a feminist??


7- When we take the support of rasm-o-riwaaj


8- When your boss doesn’t like you and all you crave for is an itwaar…. Na jaane tum kb aao ge!



9- Tarap tarap k is dil se ah nikalti rahi 😭😭


10- Bonus Itwar for the single awaam! Why should couples have all the fun?


11- Itwaar ko mar le chance😉😉


12- Kon kehta hai cheezoon se pyaar nahi kiya jata?



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Amna Kazi