Jemima Khan: Former Mrs. Khan Breaks Silence To Support Imran Khan

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Jemima Khan the former wife of Imran Khan. She broke her silence on the issue of recent hearing by SC on money trail of Khan.


Panama Papers.

The tale of Panama papers almost every single person is aware of the romance between Prime Minister and Imran Khan. The things are under judiciary after the release of Panama Papers, since then it has been tug of war between Noon and PTI.

The Chairman of PTI has protested on every platform against the prime minister and since last election PTI’s stance against corruption has been vocal. However other parties have been bench warmers in all this scenario.

In respond to that, recently petition seeking the disqualification of Imran Khan and his colleague Jahangir tareen was issued. The case is being heard in the Supreme court and ECP, over the non-disclosure assets and foreign funded party. In accordance to that Khan has continuously declare that he has done nothing illegal and money brought in Pakistan through fair means.



Although the case is under way in Supreme Court of |Pakistan.

Jemima Khan:

The former wife of Imran Khan took the internet by storm on the release of tweet in favor of Imran Khan. Jamima tweeted,

Jemima Khan yet for another time has proved her loyalty and compassionate love for Khan. NO matter what media has been showing and claiming controversies of the separated couple but there has been a unseen love. The national bhabhi has won the hearts of million by tweeting this and a trend went viral,



It is hard to figure out the reaction of N league but most of the country loved it. And on other hand the picture is bit clear now that Khan has not done any fraud. Despite all this the final verdict has yet to be released by SC.

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Paras Waswani