Jemima Khan finally breaks her silence on Reham Khan book and twitter is loving it

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Reham Khan’s book, even before its release making headlines, and even this fire got to Jemima Khan.

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The book has been under a huge criticism even before its release, Book of lies or Book of secrets ? Not confirmed yet, but several big names have decided to file a case including known cricketer Wasim Akhtar and wife. Khan’s former wife Jemima Khan have also come forward and have decided to take Reham Khan to court if book is released in UK.

Jemima Khan the former wife of PTI leader tweeted, “suing for defamation & breach of privacy on behalf of my (then) 16-year-old son.” She even stated that it was in her knowledge that Reham’s book contain moronic content.

Author of the book Reham Khan in her book have talked about everyone who had interaction with Khan. Some claims are even hard to believe about Khan’s life and his son Suleman. Jemima Khan will sue Reham Khan on behalf of his son, on which serious things have been revealed in book.

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Although twitter is loving this step by Jemima Khan.

Hamza Ali Abbasi, against whom also there are severe claims in Reham’s book, tweeted.

The difference between 2 ladies.

Even Mahira tweeted on this….

What do you think on these claims by Reham Khan? Are they going to effect on PTI’s election campaign ?

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