Jeremy McLellan, didnt miss a chance to mock PM Nawaz and Reham khan

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Jeremy McLellan trolling in desi style.

Jeremy McLellan’s trip to Pakistan seems full of desi trolls and Memes. He haven’t missed a single chance to entertain his Pakistani fans. However his Desi style and satirical posts are new viral thing on the Internet. And above all Jeremy McLellan didn’t miss a chance to even troll on local and current issues of Pakistan.

Let’s review his trip to Pakistan

From Khota biryani to the Poondi in Lahore Jeremy McLellan seems like a pure Pakistani from heart.

Jeremy McLellan
This was savage.


He even adopted the patois and celebrated 14th august in full desi swing.

Jeremy mcLellan

His tweets and posts are showing the real beauty of Pakistan that we most of the time overlook. We are very glad that his trip has shown some beautiful traditional events of our country. This is the real Pakistan. Who says Pakistan isn’t safe? on your face haters.

Jeremy mclellan

No one will be able to get over this post, yes this is Jeremy.

Jeremy mclellan

He even went on guarding our borders to make sure everything is safe.

Jeremy Mclellan

And at last he did’t miss a chance to take over Reham khan with his humor and this was totaly the best comeback ever.

Reham Khan

Oops! wait now for the next in turn !!

The Na-Ehal Prime minister. Yes he even went on this recent issue of disqualification and posted.

Jeremy Mclellan

Jeremy’s trip shows the real essence of this country and mixed with his humorous comments. His every picture shows that this country has more thing to offer rather than bloodshed and violence shown on media. The place where he stayed during his trip and all the hospitality, he enjoyed every chunk of it. We wish him the best of luck for his shows and a safe journey back home.

The lad surely knows a lot about Biryani as he was ready to shoot for SHAN foods.


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