Jerusalem Day: Good Jews Protest Against Occupation

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There is always a little good in bad. In the land of Holy Shrines, where humans are vanquished but humanity still prevails. On Wednesday, the “Jerusalem Day” saw a strange motive this time as the liberal Jews protested against unfair occupation of Palestine by the extremists.

Jerusalem Day:

24th of May, a day on which, Israelis mark the capture of eastern half of the old city and declaring it as the capital in 1960’s. It is regarded as the day of reunification. Thousands of young Israelis and even families participate in the rallies of flags, through old city area.

It is an unpleasant day for the Palestinians, as all the shops in the Muslim quarter were not operational.

But this year, “IFNOTNOW” activists from around the world joined with local liberal Jews to demonstrate the non-violent sitins against the illegal occupation of Israel, the first ever protest huge protest. The activists purposefully blocked the march with human chain but result was vicious.

This year’s parade was especially symbolic as it was the 50th year of occupation.

Hundreds of peaceful protesters were crush by police and special forces. On which IFNOTNOW tweeted,


IFNOTNOW‘ is Jewish movement which is protesting against occupation from last few years.

Humanity is still prevailing in different phases. The mainstream media have always ignored the issue and it is clear the thousands of Palestinians are living in slavery in this modern age. It will be not wrong if we declare this state as the biggest human Prison.
The sad thing is , the recent visit of Mr. Trump to Israel and KSA never mentioned the single thing regarding the issue of Palestine.


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