#BoycottKhaadi: Jibran Nasir To Fight In Court For Employees Against Khaddi

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Khaadi, a famous clothing brand, which has always been on top in and out of the country, is under a huge controversy. Recently a union (a group of employees) were found on the streets protesting about the difficulties they are facing during their employment at Khaadi.


The trend went viral all over social media, on the issue of dismissing 32 workers by Khaadi. Workers and social activist staged their protest all over the country, claiming various reasons to boycott Khaadi.

The brand is being accused of firing their workers without any notification, following their demands to raise their salaries. On the other hand, most of them stated that the working environment and rules set for employees are quiet obnoxious and disgraceful.

Earlier On Monday, Social Activist Jibran Nasir Broke His Silence & Posted

Now What Does Khaadi Have To Say?

Shamoon Sultan, founder of Khaadi is a famous textile designer and textile businessmen. It is operating since 1999 and the extension of it has been remarkable. In these past successful years of Khaadi, none of the issue ever came on media so the situation looks bizarre.

Even the people who know Khaadi and Shamoon also posted,

It is too early to give a verdict on the situation because how can a known brand indulge in such an allegation. There might be a complication between some workers and some particular managers so, for that we cannot label the whole management as unethical and wicked.

In a country like Pakistan the situation of workers has always been full of struggle and hard work. Despite existing labor laws and minimum wage policies, workers are always abused in private sector and even in government. In the war of right and wrong, it is a employee who is on stake of loosing everything.

No matter what is the inside story, it is clear that there are certain elements which have provoked the workers. Satisfaction of customers is a key to a successful business. However to ensure this you need to first keep your employees satisfied. You can’t expect your workers to keep the customers happy when they themselves are unhappy.

Even last year Khaadi was accused of  generating profits by subterfuge during sale. They are yet to give their verdict on this situation.

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Paras Waswani