Jibran Nasir is contesting the general elections and people are glad!

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The news broke on Tuesday, as popular rights activist Jibran Nasir announced his decision to run for the General Elections 2018 on his Twitter.

Jibran Nasir needs no introduction. Jibran rose to national acclaim in his part in the protest against the pro Taliban Mullah Aziz of the infamous Lal Masjid. Since then he has dedicated his life for the social betterment of Pakistan.

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From minorities that need protecting, to Khadija Siddiqi’s fight for justice. Jibran is vocal in the fight against injustice.

Jibran was  awarded a place in the Foreign Policy Magazine for his considerable efforts against sectarian violence; He scored the position of an alpha activist persona among the Pakistani modern community.

Jibran has been threatened by the Taliban and labelled a ‘blasphemer’ – a label enough to get you killed in Pakistan. What remains unchanged is his undying conviction and willpower.

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People are coming in numbers to support his campaign. Educated individuals, celebs and intellectuals alike.


His support is not limited to his native Karachi.


People are really serious about getting him to the highest political platform in Pakistan.

Even popular celebrities like Osman Khalid chipped in their support.

The very vocal women empowerment activist, Meesha Shafi also gave her opinion.


Renowned journalist Nadeem Paracha, someone Jibran considers his ‘mentor’, also stated he might just vote for him.

While opinion may be divided regarding the intentions of Jibran, there is no disagreement on the need for socially aware and young faces in the Parliament. Jibran Nasir looks to challenge the established party status quo – a challenge we all should support him in.

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