JK Rowling Roasts Misogynistic Author On His Tweet Against Theresa May

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The world famous author JK Rowling becomes a hero on twitter once again. She just launched an angry speech on twitter in response to an inappropriate tweet made by a Scottish writer John Niven. Aiming her outburst at him, the 51-year-old author criticized ‘liberal’ men who resort to condescending language to express their anger at the UK Conservative Party leader, and at women in general.

JK Rowling
John Niven

Niven is a Corbyn supporter who started the trend of burning copies of The Sun, which is the election day newspaper in UK. He was sharing pictures of the burning copies on the social media and had tweeted:

“I’m not given to self-congratulation, but, my decision to burn a couple of dozen newspapers was solely responsible for derailing the Tories.”

Following this, he made another tweet after the election results came out. In this one, he called the British Prime Minister Theresa May a “wh*re” for calling the Democratic Unionist Party the Government’s friend and ally.


This comment was enough to unleash JK’s anger! Almost immediately, JK Rowling launched her 14-tweet long feminist tirade against this man. Not only did she unfollow him, she made sure to shame him publicly before doing so.

JK Rowling


“Screw you and your politics.”




The Harry Potter author had no mercy for Niven. During her social media feminist rant, she also compared him to homophobic and racist murderous rapists.  




She went further to combat misogyny and the unacceptable gender bias that suffocates women.


JK Rowling

Moreover, she also mentioned the recent abuse aimed at fellow politicians Diane Abbot and Ruth Davidson. Using these examples, she highlighted other prejudices that are common in the society. These included those based on ethnicity and sexual orientation.



JK Rowling said it LOUD AND CLEAR:




JK’s anger knew no boundaries. She gave Niven a piece of her mind and had him speechless. All he could manage as a response was a short tweet, dripping with embarrassment:


JK Rowling, The Social Media Activist 

JK Rowling

This is not the first time JK Rowling has given a shut-up call to individuals who make rude, prejudiced and unjust remarks on the social media. In fact, she is pretty damn good at it. She is an activist for all sorts of social causes on the social media. She is often seen battling misogyny, Islamophobia and homophobia online, speaking up for the rights of the oppressed such as the Syrian refugees or simply shutting up bullies and abusers. We have to say that her prompt, intelligent and witty responses are quite impressive. Hats off to you, JK!

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