Rest in Peace: John Permal-Fastest Man of Pakistan

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John Permal, the once fastest man from Karachi is no longer among us. Gone merely at the Age of 72 as a result of suffering from pancreatic cancer. He made his way up from the alleys of Saddar, Karachi.


John Permal-1
John Palmer Achieving his Highest Speed for 100m Race at Bonn Athletics Meet.


From 1964 to 1974 John Permal remained the undisputed fastest man in Pakistan. Later, he became the fastest sprinter of Pakistan after he secured the second place at the National games at Lahore. His best time came in 1969 at a Bonn athletics meet where he clocked 10.4 seconds for the 100 meters event.

The Greatest victory of John Permal`s athletic career was the gold medal that he won for Sindh in the 400m relay at the National Place which took place at  Dacca, Bangladesh in 1968. During this period, the international press deemed him the most feared sprinters from this part of the world.

In an interview with Dawn Newspaper, John Permal gave credit to his success to his coach Jacob Haris. It was highly regretted that neither the state institutions nor the government gave the legend his deserved recognition.





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