Journalist Faisal Qureshi making fun of India’s fake surgical strike and it’s so funny 

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faisal qureshi

Here’s how the journalist Faisal Qureshi mimic the Indian journalist’s reporting on failed Indian surgical strike

After the Pulwama attack, India kept accusing Pakistan of it. And yesterday night India decided to attack Pakistan. And guess what? obviously, they failed so bad and ran away by leaving the payloads in Pakistan’s Balakot, destroying some trees when Pakistan Air force instantly took action.

After this failed and the fake attempt of attacking Pakistan, the Indian media is making the fool out of their public. They continuously showing that their air crafts actually attacked the hubs of Josh-e-Muhammad which was false. Though the news was false but Indian journalists were so much in Josh and that was actually really funny. And that’s what Faisal found funny too.

Here, watch the video
Not only this he made another video, watch it here


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