Junaid Akram Opens Free Library

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NEWSFLASH!!! Books, which have long been some of the most-neglected items in Pakistan, now have a brand new library to call their home. This has been made possible by the well known personality in Junaid Akram. Junaid, a Pakistani comedian who is also known by his stage name ‘Ganji Swag’.

Junaid Akram is famous for his tongue-in-cheek humor and his catchphrase ‘Khalli Karao’. He has a strong following on Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. Many of his Facebook videos go viral and gathers thousands of views. However, that is not all that Junaid Akram is famous for.


A Free Library For The Citizens

Apparently, this funnyman is also a bibliophile. On 25th July, he announced the establishment of a free library in Karachi.

This is not the first time, Junaid has been raising his voice, spreading awareness among the people. In one of his previous campaigns, he gave the opportunity to the people to ask for a book that would not be available in Pakistan. He promised to buy as many books he could from. This cause was for free of cost!! Now that’s what we can call a true philanthropist.


Unfortunately, many people abused this gracious offer and asked for books that were easily available in Pakistan. Junaid expressed his frustration on people cheating, in one of his videos. However, he stood by his mission to inculcate a habit of reading in the Pakistani public.

The establishment of a free library is another step in this journey. According to this video, the space was donated by a consultancy called Success Factor. The area has enough space for around 3000 books. Junaid also asked people to donate books that they no longer wanted to read to this library. Explaining the borrowing mechanism, he said that people could come to the library and read their chosen book for free. If anyone wants to take a book back home, they would have to exchange it with a book of equal value, so that a new variety is included in the library.

You Could All Contribute To This Noble Act!

You can all see Junaid sharing other details such as the various ways in which people could contribute to this project in this video. Moreover, he clarifies the reason behind undertaking this project and what he plans to do in the future if this free library becomes a successful venture. You can find all these and other details in this video:

Also, Junaid has shared the following  address and phone number for the guidance of anyone who is interested in visiting this free library, or wants to contribute to a concerning cause.

Address for book delivery: 14-C, 2nd Floor, 7th commercial lane, Khayaban-e-Bukhari, Phase 6, DHA Karachi.

Ph: +92 21 3534 2947-49

Best Of Luck, Ghanji Swag!

Daily Punch wishes Junaid Akram, an enormous success for every noble cause he initiates for the betterment of Pakistan and its citizens.

Khalli Karao!

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Jasiah Fatima