Junaid Akram Speaks Out on the Issue of Malala’s Dressing

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Most Pakistanis are divided on whether they support or oppose Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. Both the supporters and the haters have a long list of reasons to justify their stance. Recently, one more issue regarding Malala’s dressing has cropped up on the internet. As usual, the so-called moral brigade reached for their keyboards to vent out their anger. Comedian Junaid Akram has just released a video in which he gives his perspective on this issue.

In August, Malala joined the prestigious Oxford University as a student after getting a pretty impressive result in her Cambridge examinations. Naturally, she was quite excited and shared her excitement on the social media.

The 20 year old has started taking her classes Oxford. A picture of Malala dressed in jeans, boots and jacket with a scarf on her head appeared on the internet a couple of days back.

Malala's dressing

Malala’s haters got another chance to lash out against her. Many people termed her dressing ‘immodest’ and ‘un-Islamic’. The age-old accusation of her being a ‘foreign agent’ was repeated yet again. This outburst was noticed by both Pakistani and international media. As a result, many people took to the internet to counter these allegations and put things in perspective.

Pakistani funny man Junaid Akram , also known as Ganjiswag, also recorded a video expressing his views on the topic. 

Using his characteristic humor and street-wise wisdom, Junaid Akram countered the allegations made by those who oppose Malala. He also addressed the misogyny prevalent in Pakistani society, especially the sense of entitlement Pakistani men feel while commenting on females’ attire.

Junaid Akram is known for expressing his perspective regarding social issues in a balanced and rational manner. He has also established a free library in Karachi and has worked for many humanitarian causes.  One can only hope that such voices of sanity prevail in the Pakistani society, so that we may progress beyond criticizing people’s clothes and – just maybe — do something constructive for once.

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