Kailash Kher Accused Of Sexual Harassment

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Another Addition to #MeToo case in India

As soon as Tanushree Dutta starts the #MeToo campaign in India, when she accused Nana Patekar, many other celebrities also started sharing their experiences. Previously Kangna Ranaut accused Vikas Bahl in support of another woman. Vikas Bahl also tried many attempts to ‘Queen’ star Nayani Dixit. She admitted that Vikas Bahl tried to get close to her many times and in support of Kangna and other women, she added that his behavior was inappropriate with her.

The Phantom Films is dissolved now and everyone is bashing Vikas Bahl. Though till now Vikas Bahl didn’t say a word about the incident.

During all this, some other victims also got a chance to say. Eventually, have taken to social media to talk about their assault. From actors to a comedian or a journalist victims are not holding back. Hence they are expressing their damage with bravery.

Similarly among the predators list is now singer Kailash Kher. Hence the singer is been accused of sexual harassment by a photojournalist. Natasha Hemrajani on her twitter thread elaborate on the whole incident. She went to his house for an interview with her colleague journalist. He tried to touch their thighs and made them uncomfortable.

In addition to accused cases, Kailash Kher says he don’t remember any act. However, he also offered an apology for his unintentional act.

She further stated another incident with her in 2006. Whereas she accused model Zulfi of sexual harassment. Take a look on her twitter thread below.

Therefore the bravery and confidence of the victims are going in the right direction. In other words, Tanushree Duta takes a right step forward after she accused Nana Patekar. Because of her, other women also got a chance to speak up for their right. Ultimately now every man will think hundred times before humiliating women.

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