Beware, Number of Karachiites lost millions in recent ATM skimming by Chinese

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Few days back number of karachiites lost millions in ATM skimming.

ATM skimming

The money was withdrew from china while the transaction were made from Islamabad and Karachi. FIA have investigated that the skimmers withdrew money using data of more than 500 ATM cards. 

The data was collected from hundreds of ATMs by installing ATM skimming devices in Karachi and Islamabad. Whereas, account holders came to know after their respective banks informed them. Officials of banks have also confirmed after inspecting that ATM skimming devices were installed by fraudsters. However things are under investigation and it might take a long process because the scammers are not locals.

ATM skimming is one of the major criminal act which is regarded as the identity theft for debit and credit cards. The fraudsters use illegal techniques to record confidential data and ATM pins. This all is done by installing card readers on ATM machines.

Last year Chinese skimmers were arrested in Karachi.

ATM skimming

Last year three Chinese skimmers were detained in Clifton area while removing skimming devices, various cases have been reported in following years. All reported cases were very much similar in nature and  they all were done by Chinese fraudsters.


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Paras Waswani