A Gora came to Lahore and what followed is a must see!

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The latest viral trend on YouTube other than the obvious Ducky-Sham spat features Karl Rock as he takes on Pakistan.

Karl Rock in his own words is a Hindi speaking expat residing in India. His travel goals consists of touring the whole pre-partition India and he has crossed the border to Pakistan!

Things didn’t start off too well as he greeted the Pakistani soldier Namaste, quickly correcting himself to greet Salam.

Things began to get interesting from there on as he takes on Lahore and Lahoris.

He happenened to strut in to a Mahira Khan photo shoot

where he delves into an insightful conversation with the locals that ranges from how Mahira Khan is just another girl to getting the boys scream HAAAANN in unison as he asks this very obvious question.

He continued to bash the stereotypes along the way

He had his lunch at Wendys – as he continued to break the stereotype that Pakistan is much more than mountainous tribes and shepherds. His waiter was another sweet guy who wanted to talk but to his and Kar’s dismay was constantly interrupted by a nagging woman.



Watch how Karl disocvers “Mini America” – Lahore to Peshawar motorway


His bad luck with greeting people didn’t seem to end as he began the conversation by greeting Walaikum Salam – which is a reply to the greeting As Salam O Alaikum rather a conversation starter itself.

He has quickly learned the ways of going about in Pakistan..

He has learned his way to bargain with taxi walas!

Perhaps somebody should’ve told him that Lahore has Uber & Careem?

Or not. This is a must have experience if it’s your first time in Pakistan 😀



His day ceases to be any less Pakistani as he rushes into a traffic cop.

I am glad the policeman let the driver go, or Karl would’ve witnessed yet another quintessential Pakistani thing – our endowments to the police.

Head over to Karl’s channel as he explores Pakistan!

The comments have been supportive at worst, and overly affectionate at best:-

We’re showing a glimpse here!















Watch the video here!

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