Khaani fever ended last night and here what people think of it

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Khaani fever finally came to its end

What end Mir Hadi will meet? This was the question in all people’s mind following Khaani. The Khaani fans were divided into two sides, that Mir Hadi should not be hanged or forgiven and on the other hand, many wanted him to get punished for killing Sarim.

I personally wanted Hadi to be forgiven.

Well, the last episode was a roller coaster of overwhelming emotions and tears.

*Spoiler alert*

In second last episode, the drama ended on a question. And in the last that mystery was to be solved. Mir Hadi’s mother went to Khaani’s mother pleading about the forgiveness of Mir Haadi. But she said nothing.

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In the last episode, Khaani’s mother convince Khaani that Maafi is better than Saza and that she doesn’t want another woman to go through the same pain of losing a child. Then, the decision was all up on Khaani, whether to forgive the murderer of her brother or not.

Ater those crucial minutes of her making the decision. Khaani finally forgives Mir Haadi.

And this is what our Khaani Awaam have to say!

People are drooling over Feroz Khan’s acting & of course they should, he was splendid in the serial!


Feroz Feroz Feroz and feroze. Twitter was exploding by all the praise that he gets but on the other hand, people took it way too seriously and started bashing Sana Javaid aka Khaani.

People started commenting on her Instagram Matlab itny jazbaati log!!

Where Haadi received bundles of love Khaani received mostly hate.

And the most praised thing was the friendship bond between Ali and Haadi!

These scenes were actually really powerful, I must say.

Haters Na Hon Aisa Hosakta Hain Bhala? 

Baaji is so pissed that she’s going for boycotting because she was expecting something else.

Well, some Thanked God that the drama finally ended.

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Kuch nay tou Mary Howy Sarim ko Bhi Nahi chora!

And these were the overall Khayalaat…

The drama was trending on number 1 on Youtube and number 5 on twitter.

What’s your views about the last episode? share with us.

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