This Brave Woman Carries Knife To Protect Herself From The Knife Attacker In Gulistan-e- Johar, Karachi.

Yes, this all sounds like a some Indian overrated drama, but this thing is actually happening in Karachi. These days the only thing in every corner of the city is about knife attacker. Who he is, from where he come and where he go no one have idea about this, the only thing everyone knows about him is, he attacks with sharp knife and dozens of victims have been reported in last few weeks. Some claim he is psycho and other says, he is a serial killer, yet nothing is confirmed.

knife attacker

But this woman found the solution to deal with this knife attacker.. 

She carries knife with herself for self-defense. Yes, she is not from any Rangers, Police or a trained woman but a common citizen. It takes a lot of courage to encounter such vicious character but this woman looks all prepared to face this attacker.

Find out here, what she has to say about all this…. 


To all the ladies, sharpen up your knives and be ready to hunt this man. So, what do you think about all the ladies carrying a knife for self defense ?


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