All there is to know about the song ‘Chai Wala’ and its unforgivably cringeworthy lyrics!

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The popular tea seller Arshad Khan took the internet by storm yesterday after his new song video released. Going off the news shortly thereafter this blue eyed tea seller from Islamabad just made his debut in ramp modelling in the Bridal Couture Week (BCW) 2016. His new appearance is apparently one of his best motion-picture after the original still image which went viral. The video already has more than 137k views on their YouTube channel.



The video is called Chai Wala is sung by Lil Mafia Mundeer which features Arshad Khan as the lead model flaunting his looks surrounded by girls and taking selfies. The video starts with the narration of a new reporter telling about the overnight success of the famous “Chai Wala” for his looks.




I must include here that the lyrics of the song are less than impressive with some obscene words and the objectification of the person’s looks are at its peak. However, Arshad Khan seems very happy modelling standing among wrappers sporting a suit and flicking his hair with his hands.


Apparently people really loved the whole idea of the song despite the unimpressive quality of lyrics. The instant buzz from youtube travels all the way to twitter. Here is what so many people have to say about this latest song:




Here’s a link to the song. Check it out:

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