Komal Aziz Khan Pakistani Actress, Was Allegedly Tortured By Her Landlord

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Komal Aziz Khan Was Badly Tortured By Her Landlord And It Was Beyond Limits !

Komal Aziz Khan is one of the known face of Pakistani drama industry, and a versatile actress. After completing her education in business and economics from Kalamazoo College in USA, she returned to Pakistan and decided to pursue acting. Many of us have seen Komal Aziz Khan in various daily soaps and short films.

She has starred in Jaythani.


Bay Khudi and many more ….

Bay Khudi

But recently she was in a immense fear and depression just because of her landlord.

It is crystal clear that no one is out of the influence of this Wadera culture. Komal lives in an apartment with her mother and her sister alone, after the death of her father. She and her family were brutally tortured and mistreated by her landlord. She also claimed that her landlord is a Wadera, and he keeps on oppressing them. This shows how some vicious and powerful waderas, humiliate and misuse their power over common citizens.

Watch her full interview here:

What do you on this Wadera culture ? It is increasing like cancer in our society. Let us know in comments about your opinion.

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