Komal Aziz Khan Released The Details Of Her Landlord, Who Humiliated Her

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Komal Aziz Khan released the details of her landlord in a Facebook post, who tortured her.

A few days back the interview of Pakistani actress Komal Aziz khan was all over media. In which she claimed the violence and mistreatment by her landlord, and during which she also claimed that her landlord is a Wadera and how this Wadera influence is ruining our society. Like always, if there are supporters, there will be haters too, same was the scenario here. And she made clear that her issue must be heard by everyone.

During her video interview given to local news channel, she used certain remarks which offended group of people. Komal Aziz khan lately, released a post on Facebook in which she apologized to the people.


However, in all this case people are very well aware of that particular thing that who is culprit and who is not. But she cleared her point of view for all those raged keyboard activists, moral judges and misanthropists. 

While some supported her !

komal aziz khan released

But she didn’t stop and spoke the reality, once again… Komal explained everything that how she got in a trap and how this man was extorting money.


This explains that how some vicious man in society openly threat and extort money. It takes a lot of courage to speak up like this and she has mention that why is it necessary for her to take a stand against such a man. She is very well aware of the aftermaths of this post but she explained why it is essential to do so.

Many people applauded  her courage and her step to speak out.


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Paras Waswani