Krewella Sisters To Make Debut In Upcoming Coke Studio Season 11

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Coke Studio Season 11 is just days away from release and their season shows lineup of American band Krewella

The executive producers of the upcoming Coke Studio season Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi have collaborated with all type of musicians including local and international artists. This collaboration with international and local artists is going to bring a new fusion of music through this famous platform.

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Famous EDM sisters Krewella are all set to make their debut in Coke Studio Season 11. They are going to perform on Pakistani music with their EDM  music.


Krewella sisters were in Karachi back in April 2018 and were spotted at the Karachi International Airport. Both were travelling back to United States with their local retinue.

Read also here: Check Out What Coke Studio Is Bringing To Us This Time !! made this official announcement on their website with attached photo showing Krewella sisters with the Coke Studio team. All the people here are more excited as the announcement broke out and in just minutes it went viral all over Twitter and Facebook.

People are drooling all over this announcement just imagine how big it is going to be when song will be released.

The whole youth of Pakistan is excited and so are we, waiting for their performance to be released.

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